Friday, 31 January 2014

Project 4 Review

Did you manage to 'make space move'?

Yes, I thought this was a bit ridiculous but I understand now!

What are your thoughts about the drawings you did in Stage 3?

I liked working from previous work, I didn't spend too much time on making these drawings 'perfect' but I know they will work well as 'working drawings' for future development iterations.

Were you able to use your drawings successfully as a basis for further work? Are there any other things you would like to try?

I've never had a problem finding inspiration and having ideas for more development , so yes I was able to use the drawings and yes, theres plenty more that I'd like to try.

Now that you have a good working method, do you feel confident that you can carry on working in this way independently?

Yes, I'm happy that I can generate ideas which generate ideas which generate ideas etc. I'm excited to move onto the next stages to see them worked onto fabric.

Project 4 Stage 4

Developing design ideas from previous work.

I started by pushing all the concurrent ideas onto one page (because they were all screaming for attention at once). I photocopied the main shapes and the bird drawing from previous work.

I made some stamps and tried out some patterns and repeats. I tried embellishing some of these to see how that affected the overall feel.

I tried out some watercolour crayons for a feather effect using the colours that worked well from Project 4 Stage 2.

I tried out different backgrounds with the tree motif that is pretty constant throughout. I tried to see what it would look like on different backgrounds and whether it was just stitched, just stamped, or stitched and stamped.

I gave the photocopies a wash of colour and tried out different patterns. I glued them all down in this configuration but other ideas were sparked too. The colours don't add much here but it makes the page more interesting to look at than black and white!

I coloured the bird photocopies too and tried to see how strips/segments of the colours looked together. I also cut sections and arranged them in unusual ways to see what patterns emerged.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Project 4, Stage 3

This stage was all about looking over previous work for inspiration and for ideas to redo into new work. I started by filtering out the most boring stuff and laying out the rest on the couch and floor.

I then narrowed down the field to the pieces that were sparking ideas

As I'm only really working 4 new ideas I narrowed down further and overlapped the pages so that only the parts I wanted to work with were showing.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Project 4 Stage 2

Working from resource material with a viewing frame:

Splitting one image down into texture, colour and shape

Reworking with the parts I found more interesting/intriguing:
(Here I liked the flat texture against the pattern. I couldn't decide if the pattern is counted as a texture or a shape?!)

Reworking the sample in different media - crayon, cut fabric & ribbon and torn paper.

Working from real items (lego minifigures resting on bright magazine pages)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Project 4, Stage 1

I thought this Stage would be a little bit boring and wouldn't make much sense to me, but after moving the squares on the paper I could see what the book meant by making the space 'move'. I looked over some of my previous work and could see how I tend to arrange work for a 'calming effect' and where I had deliberately placed objects off kilter to give energy. I'll be far more conscious of this in the future.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Project 3 Research Point

This research point was to look at a textiles piece from the home which held significance or interest for you. I examined my uniform hat a lot closer. I've worn this thousands of times and never really looked at it properly so this was quite refreshing. I realised for the first time that the main badge has a significant amount of what must be hand-embroidery - a lot of work has gone into it!