Friday, 31 January 2014

Project 4 Stage 4

Developing design ideas from previous work.

I started by pushing all the concurrent ideas onto one page (because they were all screaming for attention at once). I photocopied the main shapes and the bird drawing from previous work.

I made some stamps and tried out some patterns and repeats. I tried embellishing some of these to see how that affected the overall feel.

I tried out some watercolour crayons for a feather effect using the colours that worked well from Project 4 Stage 2.

I tried out different backgrounds with the tree motif that is pretty constant throughout. I tried to see what it would look like on different backgrounds and whether it was just stitched, just stamped, or stitched and stamped.

I gave the photocopies a wash of colour and tried out different patterns. I glued them all down in this configuration but other ideas were sparked too. The colours don't add much here but it makes the page more interesting to look at than black and white!

I coloured the bird photocopies too and tried to see how strips/segments of the colours looked together. I also cut sections and arranged them in unusual ways to see what patterns emerged.

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