Friday, 31 January 2014

Project 4 Review

Did you manage to 'make space move'?

Yes, I thought this was a bit ridiculous but I understand now!

What are your thoughts about the drawings you did in Stage 3?

I liked working from previous work, I didn't spend too much time on making these drawings 'perfect' but I know they will work well as 'working drawings' for future development iterations.

Were you able to use your drawings successfully as a basis for further work? Are there any other things you would like to try?

I've never had a problem finding inspiration and having ideas for more development , so yes I was able to use the drawings and yes, theres plenty more that I'd like to try.

Now that you have a good working method, do you feel confident that you can carry on working in this way independently?

Yes, I'm happy that I can generate ideas which generate ideas which generate ideas etc. I'm excited to move onto the next stages to see them worked onto fabric.

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